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What do I need to Join?

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Steam Edition. If you don't have Flight Simulator, you can purchase it from the Steam Store or
  • A basic knowledge of flight simulator and how everything works.

Terms of Membership

All members must agree and understand these terms of membership. If you have any questions, check out our FAQs or contact support at

  • You should be able to fly (takeoff, navigate, and land) in flight simulator. If you are not able to, we recommend that you read the tutorials which are located within the Flight Simulator program or read the navigation, landing, and takeoff pages in your Flight Simulator manual.
  • You must familiarize yourself with Fiji Virtual operations once registered.
  • Be able to fly at least one flight every 31 days.
  • Although It's is not required, the use of a VATSIM ID is highly encouraged at Fiji Virtual. If you are not familiar with VATSIM, please visit Same applies for IVAO.
  • You can choose your own flights to fly (Charter Flights), we also provide you scheduled real world flights.
  • You MUST be 13 years of age or older, if suspicion is raised that you are below the specified age, an investigation will be made and your account will be banned if you are below the specified age.
  • You must use a valid e-mail address as this is a necessity to recieve news about major events and causes going on at Fiji Virtual. Failure to do this will result in a warning to use a real account and if the email is not corrected within 14 days the account will be subject to termination without notice.
  • Only one email per member is allowed, any multi logging with the same email will result in an indefinite ban.
  • LOA can only be requested through the, and can be anywhere between 30 - 180 days after 5 hours minimum flight hours in your hub. Each LOA case will be viewed and decided on an individual basis.
  • New Pilots must not be connected to another VA within a staff position. If you are please leave us a message on our Facebook page.
  • Fiji Virtual staff reserves the right not to allow person or persons into its membership without due notice or reason.
  • Fiji Virtual reserves the right to delete without notice any account staff members think is a threat to the safety of the VA, website and other systems therein.


  • Must be at least over 10 minutes.
  • Cannot exceed 250 knots under 10,000ft. AGL.
  • An acceptable or "perfect" landing rate is -150FPM based on the standards of Fiji Virtual and the aircraft we fly, a landing rate cannot exceed -600FPM. If the maximum landing rate is exceeded, the pirep will be declined.
  • No more than 25 knots while conducting a standard taxi on the ground.
  • 1x simulation speed will only be accepted (flight duration times will also be checked).
  • Manual PIREPS are optional but we prefer you use the tracker.

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By continuing, you agree to the mentioned terms. The link will take you to our registration page on the Crew Dashboard.

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Fiji Virtual aims to be a realistic virtual airline, simulating the operations of Fiji Airways, an airline which operates around the Pacific Ocean, including Oceania, the United States and Hong Kong, with codeshares flying to other destinations around the globe. We encourage our crew to engage in community events and activities, including flying for VAs apart of our alliance.

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