Modern & Innovative

At Fiji Virtual, we equip our crew with powerful and modern resources, such as a custom developed Crew Dashboard with enhanced functionality, an easy to use interface and detailed profile and statistical features.

Intuitive Community

Our strong and supportive community adds to the positive reputation of Fiji Virtual. We have our own dedicated Discord server, where you can chat with other crew, recieve assistance and participate in events.

Professional & Realistic

We strive to ensure Fiji Virtual caters to your needs in realism. Whether you're just an aviation enthusiast or a die-hard simulation veteran, we've got you covered! We also endorse VATSIM and IVAO networks.

Fiji Virtual simulates the real world operations of Fiji Airways, Fiji Link and Air Pacific. It's a VA that will surprise you with its warm and welcoming community ready to get you started if you need help. We currently have all the real world Fiji Airways and Fiji Link schedules in our system for you to fly. We are open to any pilots bidding on charter flights via our state of the art smartCARS 2 ACARS system. We operate in and out of 4 major hubs which are Nadi, Nausori, Auckland and Vancouver for Canadian, American and European charter connections.

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Fiji Virtual aims to be a realistic virtual airline, simulating the operations of Fiji Airways, an airline which operates around the Pacific Ocean, including Oceania, the United States and Hong Kong, with codeshares flying to other destinations around the globe. We encourage our crew to engage in community events and activities, including flying for VAs apart of our alliance.

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